Who We Are

At Pinax Group, we work under a strict, self-imposed discipline that gives great precedence to research. Exploration and discovery invariably leads to new ideas, which we pursue with a pioneer’s zeal. As a group, we implement ideas with as much enthusiasm as we exhibit while being in the process of finding them: a practice that has led to many of our breakthrough products.

Our group is forever committed to elevate the standards of our products and services. Satisfying our customers through a perennial adherence to excellence is the Group’s hallmark. Each of our employees subscribes to this attitude, which seeps through each and every process, including manufacturing, packaging, delivery time, pricing and after-sales service.

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Mission & Vision


Emerging as a leading manufacturer in Steel and Paper industries by striving for excellence in work and adhering faithfully to highest ethical standards, while sustaining our central beliefs.


To create value for society and establish ourselves as manufactures of quality products through active exploration of new product developments. To create and sustain a successful enterprise based on fundamentals of eco-friendly manufacturing, recycled raw material and an ethical approach to consumption.

Social Outlook

Pinax Group believes in staying true to its responsibilities towards the environment, its customers, employees and the community at large. The company is committed to maintain high environmental, health and safety standards which meet rules and regulations established by various government organizations. Each operation in the company is carried out with quality control and safety checks to ensure that there is no risk involved, and no harm caused to human health and the environment at large.

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